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Swapper spotlight with Fay Hallam

In this second Swapper Spotlight post we feature Fay Hallam, a second-hand and vintage fashion lover who has been swapping for 10 years and who is fascinated by the histories behind clothes.

Swapper Spotlight is a series of blog posts where we feature individual stories of how different clothes swappers got started, their experiences while swapping and other interesting tidbits that they share with us!

How did you get involved in clothes swapping? 

I was drawn to the idea of swapping clothes for several reasons. We've all made an impulse buy that we later regretted or bought things that we loved at the time but quickly tired of. Swapping is the perfect way to put these pieces back into circulation without guilt, and others can wear and enjoy them instead. I've never earned a lot of money so swapping is the perfect way to get new-to-you items at very little cost.

Did you have any reservations about swapping? 

I had absolutely no reservations beforehand about swapping. I have shopped mostly second hand and vintage all my life. I actually love the idea of clothing having a history and love to imagine how and where the previous owners wore them. 

How does swapping make you feel good?

I still remember the first swap event that I went to. It gave me an incredible high!! I couldn't believe that it was that easy to update your wardrobe at virtually no cost whilst also saving clothing from landfill. The sustainability aspect of swapping is extremely important to me. The fast fashion industry is contributing hugely to the destruction of the planet and this is my way of making a small difference. 

How have you participated in clothes swapping and what is the experience like?

I have been going to a regular swap event for around 10 years now. I think it must have been one of the first of its kind in London. Over the years, I've got to know a lot of like-minded women and have actually made two genuine friendships that have extended beyond our love of swapping! Occasionally we get together and have a social afternoon - we each bring something of our own that we think the others would like. Sadly, the woman who organised the swap events where we met has now moved away so I am looking for other alternatives. The Swancy App sounds like a good possibility!

What is your favourite item that you have got so far from clothes swapping?

I have many favourite pieces that I have swapped over the years but I think my top item is this red Ghost dress. It's got some signs of wear but it's a beautiful colour and fabric and I'll be wearing it for many years to come.