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Tips for better pics - 6 ways to increase your chances to match and swap

Appealing visual content is what makes fashion items so desirable. Quality images have the power to make people buy, online, clothes and accessories they have never seen in real life. That applies to online swapping too! 

If you want to increase your chances to match and swap it's important to upload nice photos of your items.

We have prepared a few tips on how to take photos for your Swancy wardrobe that will make your items shine, get you lots of likes and increase the chances of finding the perfect match for each of them!

Prepare your garment

Get your clothes pic ready by making sure your they look fresh! Wrinkles and creases can spoil even the most beautiful garment.

Wear it

The best way to showcase your clothes is to wear them. Have someone take a picture of you wearing your items to show how it fits. If you already have a photo of you wearing them on your insta account, upload that one! And if none of those options is available you can always take a picture in front of a large mirror.

Style it

We all look for inspiration before we choose a new outfit! Styling your items is the best way to inspire your potential matches! You can also give some styling tips on the item description when you upload it on Swancy.

Show off the details

Does your item has a special detail that it's worth noting? You can upload up to 8 pictures for each item on Swancy so make sure you upload some makes the coolest details stand out!

Light is key

Light is the most important element in photography. Try to take pictures of your items in natural light. And if it happens to be a very gloomy day, make sure the room is well lit.

Be mindful of the surroundings

Backgrounds matter! Take pictures of your items in an interesting setting or use a simple and clean background to accentuate them.