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The most liked clothes and accessories on Swancy

Are you wondering about what sort of clothes or accessories you can find in a swapping platform like Swancy? We have analysed our users' digital wardrobes in order to understand what items they upload on the app.

Not surprisingly, we found that there are all sorts of apparel on Swancy: from designer bags to party dresses from high street brands. 

The beauty of the digital swapping experience is that, as a user, you are fully in control and you can decide what to swap your items with. If you feel like the item you matched with is not as valuable as yours you don't have to swap. Or maybe you can agree to get two items in exchange in order to get the value back! 
If you want to increase your chances to match and swap, here are a couple of tips: 

  • Only upload items that are in good condition. Swapping is not a system to upgrade your wardrobe but a way to renew it. If you upload old clothes that have seen better days, don't expect to find someone willing to become their new owner.
  • Take good pictures of your clothes and accessories. If you want to increase your chances to swap, make sure you take nice shots of your items. Bad light, blurry images and messy settings won't do justice even to the most beautiful piece of clothing!

We have also put together a list of the most liked items on Swancy in the last 6 months so you can get a better understanding of what people upload on the app. To visit the owners' profiles make sure you click on the links using your mobile phone. You can also look them up on Swancy on the profile search menu.


Mustard jumper - by vildensky


We love this casual mustard jumper - it's no surprise our swappers love it as well! It's something that you can wear often and look fabulous!


 Louis Vuitton bag - by karoline.eriksen

There are also original Louis Vuitton bags on Swancy! If you want to get hold of this item, be prepared to give something very nice in exchange.


Velvet puffer jacket - by ameliadeacon93

A stylish jacket for a stylish girl. This lovely picture and cool outfit make this puffer jacket stand out!


Long red dress - by marte-745

A beautiful long dress - who wouldn't want to wear this dreamy red dress for a special occasion?


Black ankle boots - by randiwolner

These Vagabond ankle boots go with basically everything: jeans, skirts, you name it! And if that's not enough to make them desirable, they are also sustainable!


 Black wool dress - by isabellebrownbayliss


This versatile wool blended dress by Oliver Bonas is perfect for the office or to wear for a nice dinner out


 Leopard cardigan - by dahlmarie


This trendy leopard print cardigan will glam up any casual outfit and can be worn all year long!


Grey coat - by robertailmonaite16

This grey wrap coat is an evergreen piece that would look great with all sorts of outfits.


Sparkly bodycon dress - by Talekri

This glamorous bodycon dress would look great on a night out. It also has a cheeky open back!


Black mini skirt - by tam.naidoo

This Urban Outfitters suede skirt to smarten up your style no matter if you wear it with trainers or with heels.