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After experiencing the thrill of swapping at swap events, founder Kristin Grostad started thinking about how she could take the experience to the next level. Through a series of coincidences (and a gentle push from friends at Impact Hub Bergen), Kristin ended up pitching the idea and winning Startup Weekend Bergen. This was the start of an exciting journey.

Through a common contract at the startup-incubator VIS, Kristin found her dream-team. Together, they started the production of the app, refined the concept around it and launched a beta version. The team has big aspirations to change the way we think about and consume fashion today. Swancy is currently used by thousands of people all over the UK and Norway.

meet the

A Norwegian company with an international flair

Kristin Grostad


Kristin is the CEO and the mind behind Swancy. She grew up in Bergen, Norway and has spent quite some time abroad studying in England and France, and working in Japan. She is passionate about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and says it’s the best thing to keep her mind clear and focused!

Kristin created Swancy because she thinks swapping is a great way to renew your style. Since coming up with the idea, she has spent the last few years working to bring it to life and make swapping an easily accessible choice for people looking to update their wardrobe.

Valbona Gjini


Valbona is responsible for Swancy’s marketing and communications. Originally from Albania, she grew up in Italy and now lives in London where she has been working for tech startups and advertising companies.

Valbona loves fashion and she is a repentant ex fast-fashion buyer. After joining Swancy she started learning more about sustainability and climate change and successfully completed Business Sustainability Management course by Cambridge University. Valbona is passionate about yoga, which she practices as often as she can in order to slow down her fast-paced mind.

Alisia Stasi

Front-end Developer

Alisia is Swancy's front end developer and designer. Born and raised in Rome, she now lives in London. Her passion is technology - she is self-taught and has been developing for the web for 20 years. She loves a good challenge and is equally passionate about the product as she is about the code she writes!

Alisia believes in creating technology products that help people - in Swancy's specific case, a technology that helps people changing their consuming habits. Outside of work, she loves to cook, learn, travel, play videogames and generally have her mind blown.

Francesco Peloi

Back-end Developer

Francesco is Swancy’s back end developer. He built the app`s infrastructure and the algorithm that makes your clothes match. Francesco lives in London but was born and raised in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a beautiful region in the north-east of Italy.

He is not as passionate about fashion as the rest of the team, but he understands the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and believes in the solution that Swancy offers. He is also a tireless learner and loves to experiment with new technologies and to try different solutions.