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renew your wardrobe guilt free

why swap?

It’s ethical and sustainable

Clothes production has a big impact on the environment. By swapping you can experience the thrill of a new outfit while giving recognition to the resources that went into manufacturing the garments and the people who made them.

It’s cost free

Renewing your wardrobe doesn’t cost you any money on Swancy. Swapping allows you to make the most of the investment you already put into your style. Once your items no longer serve a purpose in your closet, you can use them as currency to get something new-to-you.

it’s easy.

Swipe, match, swap

  1. Download the Swancy app
  2. Register your account
  3. Upload items you would like to swap
  4. Like items to match with other swappers
  5. Chat to decide how to swap

Voilà, you have successfully updated your wardrobe!

join the community

Swancy is free and is currently available in Norway and in the UK. You can find it on both the app store and google play. Are you ready to drive the fashion revolution forward? Join the growing community of swappers and indulge in fashion without wasting resources and money.

Download Swancy now!

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